I have looked for ways to volunteer and help those less fortunate for years. There was always a bunch of red tape, paperwork and hoops to jump through. After learning about CFIS, I found it easier to get involved. CFIS has allowed me to help feed those in need and all it requires is just a couple hours of my time. Helping to serve food to others with a smile and a friendly and warm hello, they may not get otherwise is rewarding.

To know that one or two hours of my day, may make a difference in someone else's life is a humbling experience. Volunteering with CFIS has allowed me to involve my children and show them what it means to help and have compassion for others.

We have had such a great experience and simply enjoyed helping to feed the homeless that my son and I want to involve my son's whole basketball team. Our hope is to get more young people involved with our communities. We are all in need of help from one another, CFIS understands that and allows us to share with one another not just food, but prayer, kindness and compassion.

Thanks for another great volunteering moment. God bless.

Trace n Ty thank you for sharing the vision with us and allowing us to work alongside you both. Ty thank you for sharing your story as it brought me great encouragement in my own life and just confirmation why we NEED to give compassion to our fellow people.. God bless you guys...

Ty I thank you for sharing your life story with us on our ride back home but most I thank you for opening the door to see and feel the experience of serving those who cannot afford to live a normal life. I walked into my house today right after we dropped you off with a better sense of gratitude for everything that God has gifted me with. Thank you Ty!