Strategic Plan

OUR PLANS TO IMPLEMENT CHANGE: CFIS is dedicated to utilizing our expertise of creating self-sufficiency and providing support from crisis by connecting with more client families who are effected by homelessness. CFIS is committed to building a stronger leadership position to increase its effectiveness. The agency plans to grow from it's genesis in 2015 by serving the thousands of parents and children who are thrust into a housing crisis and acquiring an efficient operating budget.

We plan to increase our visibility and impact, achieve record fundraising, and forge key strategic partnerships. After extensive research and planning, CFIS is well positioned to achieve two key strategic priorities: • Serve more clients and achieve better outcomes • Enhance impact by increasing advocacy and leveraging leadership

ACQUIRE MORE CLIENTS AND ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULTS: Although New York City is a lucrative city and economically has been a mechanism for success to many people for decades, there are more families than ever homeless or on the verge of homelessness. The accelerating cost of living and the severe lack of affordable housing in NYC are contributing to even greater struggles for homeless and at-risk families who don’t directly benefit from the city’s growth in the economic sector.
CFIS has plans to expand it's ability to deliver shelter, mental health services, childcare, early childhood education, supportive housing, workforce development, and aftercare. 

PREVENT HOMELESSNESS: At CFIS, our plans to prevent homelessness are directed to: • Establish more accessible resources to help families deflect homelessness. • Continually provide support services to cultivate housing stability after families acquire housing. • Help families recover from the negative physical and psychological consequences of homelessness.

We work quickly to house families who are already homeless and do our best to provide them with permanent housing without being placed on the family shelter waiting list.  Families that are successfully housed are provided ongoing case management, varying services and aftercare.

MAKE SERVICES MORE ACCESSIBLE AND EFFICIENT: Realizing that families need support and case management services quickly when and before they lose housing, we plan to target specific needs of each family. We will refine our process by implementing recommendations from staff, clients and partnering agencies.

PROVIDE ORGANIZED AND SPECIALIZED CARE: Trauma has become a common factor in the lives of families who are facing homelessness or who are already homeless. Many have experienced violence in their neighborhoods, domestic abuse, substance abuse and impoverishment. 

We assume that trauma may be an underlying component in a client's descent into homelessness or threat of homelessness. By doing this we are able to achieve better outcomes for the client and we can deliver more specialized services.

To avoid re-traumatizing clients we ask them to tell us what occurred in their lives to lead them to their housing crisis. We plan to expand our scope for providing mental health services and guarantee that our services use the same accession.

PROVIDE ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOR EMPLOYMENT: For clients who have finally secured housing, they will need to stabilize their living situation by obtaining employment. Self-sufficiency is key to averting another housing predicament and employment is the main component to ensure recurrent housing.

We address technological hindrances to finding employment for clients who don't have computers and an internet connection. By providing these tools, clients will be able to quickly search online databases of job opportunities. We also assist with education and skills training to help clients meet the requirements to obtaining employment.

INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS BY ENHANCING SUPPORT AND LEADERSHIP: CFIS is determined to extend our role of citywide support to achieve compelling, effective and collective    policies. We aim to broaden our external connective efforts to increase our visibility and resource of support. We want to continue leveraging the conversation about family homelessness policy and keep it as a priority for the public to address. Our objective is to boost the visibility of CFIS and our efforts to engage and underscore collective actions.

LEVERAGE THE CONVERSATION OF FAMILY HOMELESSNESS: We plan to occupy a more influential long-term role in creating and shaping policies on families at risk of homelessness. The necessity for continual high level CFIS attention is imperative. CFIS will perform assessments of our management format and internal capacity to lead and organize support and comply with our policies.

MAKE FAMILY HOMELESSNESS A PRIORITY ISSUE FOR THE PUBLIC: Many homeless and at-risk families are not on the public's radar. To increase awareness on these families' predicaments, we plan to change system levels by spotlighting the problem. CFIS will develop a plan for outside communications and public policy plan. We plan to work collectively with comparable agencies on initiatives that evoke more thought and media attention surrounding the issue.

INCREASE VISIBILITY OF CFIS AND OUR EFFORTS: CFIS realizes that we need to increase our visibility and garner more awareness of our work. With this plan we can diversify our support and provide more extensive services for our clients. To comply with donor's expectations, we need to be acknowledge by the community for the work that we do. CFIS will
provide examples of our cooperation with other organization with proven evidence and results.

PRESERVING OUR FUTURE: CFIS is committed to continual investment and the building of our organization as it relates to operation, staffing, systems and finances to guarantee the successful application of our main objectives. This applies to the following areas: 1 Funding: Increase revenue to remedy the problem 2 Real Estate:  Identify needs and determine feasible options 3 Staff: Establish the best approach for remuneration compensation of employees 4 Management: Develop strategies and exercises for unexpected events. plans and exercises 5 Board: Address specific needs that benefit the organization.

BUILDING REVENUE TO REMEDY THE PROBLEM:  CFIS plans to operate on sturdy financial ground, debt free and with substantial assets. By gaining a high-level of community support,  we intend on raising significant funds going forward. We are dedicated and positive that our fundraising efforts will produce the necessary resources to implement our plans.