Making a Home

Homelessness can be devastating and a difficult adjustment even after a family has gone through a shelter program and finally received housing. It's an incredible achievement and families are relieved to have a home, a safe haven and a feeling of stability. But once families are settled into their new space, they normally are without their personal belongings, particularly furniture. They're usually placed in a small empty apartment that needs some furnishings to make it more habitable.

Our volunteers will access the space and identify each family member's specific needs. Children may need a new desk for homework, lamps may be needed for additional lighting, a table and chairs may be needed for family meals and of course all family members need a comfortable bed to sleep in.

By helping these families, you will be providing them with furniture and other household essentials to turn their new space into a home. Doing this will make their transition from homelessness a much easier one.

If you're interested in donating items or making a monetary contribution, please contact us at